Pilbara Minerals is committed to operating in an environmentally responsible manner through industry best-practice and key stakeholder involvement.

Pilbara Minerals promotes responsible environmental management in order to protect the natural environment and social surroundings, as well as local indigenous groups. The company is continually working to improve its environmental performance.

Pilbara Minerals’ effective management practices, and the commitment of its employees and contractors, will ensure its activities have a minimum impact on the environment and a sustainable growth path for the area. The Company is currently working through the development approvals process, and undertaking relevant studies to enable efficient operation with minimal impact.

Since the commencement of the Pilgangoora Project, Pilbara Minerals has embraced its expanded environmental responsibility and continue to meet or exceed its statutory requirements over its tenure. The risks associated with environmental incidents are taken into account as part of the Company’s normal course of business, and are managed through risk assessments, introduction of preventative measures, ongoing review and monitoring, and where necessary, effective and efficient mitigation actions. Pilbara recognises the value for both itself and key stakeholders in supporting compliance of best environmental practice for both achieving and maintaining its licence to operate.

During the year, Pilbara Minerals has obtained the necessary approvals to maintain the ongoing exploration development, and commence the full-scale development of the Pilgangoora project.

Rehabilitation of our exploration activities is progressive and effective, in line with our ongoing commitment and tenure conditions.

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