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At Pilbara Minerals, our aim is to enhance the communities in which we operate and with whom we engage. As a company, we support the local communities of the Pilbara as well as those in Perth by partnering with organisations and local not-for-profit groups to provide better services for locally driven initiatives.

Our key focus areas include:

  • Energy Transition
  • Education
  • Mental Health and Wellbeing  
  • Community Resilience

Assessment Process

Pilbara Minerals has developed an assessment process to ensure any funding is appropriately and transparently provided and helps to meet the stakeholder engagement objectives.  Community investment applications are welcomed throughout the year.

 Community investment guidance and information details required for the application to be considered have been developed.

Pilbara Minerals Community Investment Guidance follows

  • Projects and organisations providing benefits to the communities where we’re operating (eg Pilbara)
  • Projects that provide local community skill enhancement, education and/or training
  • Activities which encourage community connection and promote a social environment of trust and respect
  •  Locally based environment and natural resources based projects as well as renewable energy initiatives
  •  Projects relating to improving local community safety, health and wellbeing
  • Individuals
  • Religious organisations for religious activities
  • Private companies or commercial entities
  •  Activities which encourage the irresponsible use of alcohol or promote gambling
  • Activities which are usually exclusively funded by government

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Sponsorship requests are welcomed throughout the year.

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