Health & Safety

Pilbara Minerals’ intent in the development of the Company, its projects and the capability of our people is to ensure that safety comes first in all its activities. Pilbara’s strategy for health and safety is built on the four pillars of great leadership, engaged employees, risk management focus and systems that support safe work as a priority.

Pilbara Minerals works closely with its contracting partners, and there are Safety Management Plans in use to manage the safety of all activities on site for both Pilbara and our contractors. Integral to providing a safe working environment is to ensure the Company is tracking and reporting safety performance and reviewing incidents so as to continuously improve and reduce the risk of injury to our workforce. As a large portion of the workforce at Pilbara’s operations are contractors, Pilbara works very closely with its contracting partners and their workforce to enshrine a shared culture of working safely. Any incidents involving contractors are investigated with Pilbara involvement and included in all of Pilbara’s safety reporting and shared outcomes.

Pilbara Minerals’ Lost Time Injury (LTI) frequency rate for the period 2016/17 was zero.

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